Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Otakusphere: My DVDs are attacking me, Crunchyroll sucks and my obsession with classic Southern cuisine

If there's one thing I like about living this close to the "South" it's fried chicken. Oh yeah, nothing beats stopping into the local grocery store and seeing boxes of the stuff laid out for me like pre-packaged heart attacks. Which is probably why I found Hinano's post on buying merchandise interesting because I own two wall scrolls. That's it.

But I have a ton of DVDs. I mean I have them coming into my bed and attacking me in the middle of the night. That might be the reason I don't have much merch.

Or it could be the fried chicken.

Speaking of DVDs, Atama Ga Warui put some final words on the obituary for HD-DVD. But you know, I can't see me buying a Blu-Ray player anytime in the near future. Maybe it's because I'm a closet Luddite. These new fangled technology things secretly scare me. What happens when my collection becomes obsolete? I couldn't imagine having to buy all of this stuff again. That'd be crazy. Like I said, they're starting to form political parties on my shelf.

And just as I'm about to complete the party of Gekkostate, they go and announce a Eureka 7 movie. Really? I haven't even finished watching the series (I'm waiting for that last disk to come out before I do.) It makes me feel completely inadequate. Really I just will need to go hang my head in shame.

Well for that and the fact that I heaped loads of love on Crunchyroll and they fricken pulled Tower of Druaga. I'm sure that those liars and thieves over there have some really good reason why they played with my heart. (Okay, they might really have some good reasons that I don't know about.) But then again, maybe they don't. But you can still watch it on YouTube or BOSTTV. I'm not necessarily sure which one I support more. I'd love to support BOSTTV more, but I'm a little low on cash this cycle (I spent my extra buying anime and fried chicken.)

I don't have a good transition for this, but CCY reminded me about something I really want to write about one of these days. Basically that it's okay for a series to be good. It doesn't need to be radical or amazing; it can just do what it does well and move on down the line. Granted people won't talk about it in five or six years. But they might...

Oh yeah, and double reminded me that summer is still coming to Baltimore. Man, I hate summer here.


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