Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Otakusphere: Downtiming on the Nightside in the Way Back Machine

Recently, I reached my 100th post, and I got to thinking that the nature of blogging seems to be to keep putting new stuff out there, but it's pretty rare that we go back and look at the older stuff that people have done. Mostly because there's usually a huge backlog and because usually we've been keeping up with our favorite bloggers. So in this edition of the Otakusphere I figured I'd step back into Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine and paw through some older blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers.

I'm not really sure how to categorize this one from far away no where, other than to say, "Oooo teenage girls are scary." And spending an awful lot of time on YouTube, I've found that to be the case. If you think anime fans are prone to some rabid fanboyism then you should spend some time trawling through the comments on that site.

And one for the "stuck in the anime rut" pile, Michael at Anime| Otaku had at great post about feeling refreshed when he started watching School Days. I completely understand the sensation that the shows that I've been watching start to feel recycled. But on the other hand, I haven't been there in a while. I don't know if it's just the fact that I watch a lot of stuff, or that I really have low expectations.

Speaking of my low expectations, I ran across bateszi's listing of reviews for the end of the 2007 season. And I couldn't help thinking, "Man, am I missing something here." I really liked Claymore. I mean I didn't think it was another Beserk. Honestly, I'd put it more in the category of Gantz. But even then, it got me clutching my sleeve and biting my knuckles. And I'm liking Code Geass. Is there just something wrong with me? Or am I just easily amused?

However, I can always trust CCY to say what I think, only better. Here's an editorial post about how people tend to judge a series by its first episode. And that it might be more because of the serial nature of anime, rather than the fact that the first episode is really bad.

And because I couldn't find Martin's argument about whether anime is deep or not (a discussion I really wish I could have joined in on, but I kind of figure my opinion would have ruined it), I picked out this one on the "Hoo-hah" factor in anime. If you've watched "Scent of a Woman" then you probably know what that means. I'm not sure if I entirely agree that a show can be too manly. I think it depends on how it applies that extreme. This in essence is his argument here.

And last, but certainly not least, here's a figure review from Happy Soda. I can't ever get enough of these. I don't know if it's the photography or the figures themselves, but that plastic sure looks sexy. Man it makes me dirty to say that.

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